Sunday, 21 April 2013

New stocks just in... from the land of the rising sun

Gooood Morning all our Sopra Fans,

It's the start of a brand new week again, after a busy busy weekend of unpacking and unpacking for us. WHY? because Santa claus decided to drop by Pet Salon Sopra Ginza early this year to reward all our very nice fans. He was very touched by how Singapore furparents here are so lovingly dedicated to providing their little ones with the best that money can buy hence he decide to take a little trip to the Mecca of all cawaii pet items (JAPAN) and bring you guys a little something something=)....

It 's was like Christmas day for us over the weekends as we unravel shopping bag after shopping bag of delightful surprises.  If you think the pictures above don't look intimidating enough(We didn't at first as well).. look again after we emptied just half of the 1st bag onto the counter for tagging!!!!

An Explosion of Colorful
collars, leashes , harness and all different shapes and sizes over overflowing on the counter!!!! Each had to be individually keyed and price tagged!!! *Faints*

All of this from half a paper shopping bag. Would you believe it if i told you that our director was a guy? I will never underestimate his ability to shop EVER again.

BUT after taking one look at the collars , i believe that if it were me shopping, the damage would have been ten fold WORST.

All the collars were carefully handcrafted with love, every stitch was sewn on with extreme perfection. (Expect nothing less from the Japanese) . They are so personalized to the extend that each design and colour only came in limited pieces. My Director only bought 1 item from each set of designs and LOOK AT HOW MANY he managed to get!!!

Finally after sorting and tagging they are up for display.

Our 2 new Mascot Models(Kumiko's still deciding their names LOL) , showcasing our new collars and clothes

 Our Japanese Director also brought in a wide array of Handmade Clothes, these are just a few to show. They range from XS-S size , more suitable for small poochies. You can also ask our friendly staff to show you which range of clothes are made from a special Japanese fabric-proven to be anti-static, anti-itch, breathable and comfortable for your little ones.


What else did santa bring??....

Fashionable Leases for all sizes

Sopra Ginza Natural dehydrated treats now available

Sopra Ginza Dehydrated Treats are 100% natural , contains no preservatives or addictive. Made and packed on site to preserve freshness, once opened it is to be consumed within 1 month.

Currently, we have limited packets of dehydrated beef and cow parts. We will be bringing in a variety of dehydrated meats in very soon. The Sopra Ginza Dehydrated Treats carries up to 50 over variety of treats ranging from Beef, Chicken, Pork, Tuna to more extotic variations such as dehydrated Horse meat & Tendons & dehydrated Shark meat and Bone.

HURRY NOW ...While stocks last... all items are limited so to avoid any disappointment do visit us earlier at: PET SALON SOPRA GINZA SINGAPORE, 236 River Valley Road  (Opp UE Square) . Opening hours are from 10am-7pm(Weekdays), 11am-8pm (Weekends). We look forward to seeing you soon.



we want to know what you want!! SANTA is having a hard time, he knows all you nice people out there have request for him to bring in more products from Japan but santa doesn't know what kind of items or products you are looking for. To help him on his quest to bring cawaii-ness to the Singapore Pet Scene , please write him a wishlist if you have any in the comments below...So Santa can narrow down his search for new Japanese items to bring in the next time he comes to town;)

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  1. My toy poodle loves shark meat & I get it from another place currently. I see some interesting treats like まぐろのサイコロカット on your Japanese website. I think this might be interesting to try the market. ラム(仔羊)の干し肉 should be good as well. (^_^)