Tuesday, 21 May 2013

End of May Bonus Promotion: 50% off Quatro Spa/Mud Wrap/Organic Herb Wrap

Till the end of May, Sopra Ginza is giving 50% off Quatro Spas, Mud Wraps, and Organic Herb Wraps!

Quatro Spa

Organic Herb Wrap

This herb wrap developed from the ancient Indian medical technique of Ayurveda. Combining only organic vegetative ingredients, it is safe and edible for your beloved pets.

After treatment, your doggies' fur will not only be smooth, but also fluffy.

 Mud Wrap

Using VetGold's Equimud, this mud wrap is beneficial for itchy and sensitive doggie skin.

Targeted at dryness and sensitivity,
it contains active ingredients such as natural oils, plant extracts, and Dead Sea minerals.
This "soothes, revitalises, rejuvenates, and moisturises the skin, as well as promoting muscle relaxation."

Team Sopra

Monday, 20 May 2013

May Promotion (4/4): Home Delivery Service

4.) Home Delivery Service

For busy owners who care for their pets, SOPRA GINZA is introducing a new service to accommodate your packed schedules and increase convenience.

Spend $80 or more on food, toys, tools, or other pet merchandise and get free delivery!
These include collars, grooming equipment, shampoos, litter pads, etc.

Home Delivery will take 1 to 2 days.

Team Sopra

Monday, 13 May 2013

FirstMate Graine Free Dog Food

Sopra Ginza has begun to supply FirstMate Graine Free Dog Food.

Available in 2.3kg/5lbs & 454g/1lb packs,
we carry the Pacific Ocean Fish & Australian Lamb formulas.

The Australian Lamb formula is 24% protein and 13% fat,
while the Pacific Ocean Fish Formula is 23% protein and 10% fat.

Other than being low in fat, the formulas contain 24% protein or under,
which is helpful in preventing dark tear stains. 

Also, when you return the 454g/1lb empty wrapper,
you get $5 off on a 12lb or larger pack of FirstMate food.

For more information, contact

Team Sopra

May Promotion (3/4): Dental

With each first-time teeth brushing session, SOPRA GINZA will be giving one complimentary toothbrush to each doggie~

All dental products will also be having a promotional 20% off!

Bad breath in dogs are signs of the start of dental diseases.

When tartar/plaque builds up in an animal's mouth, bacteria starts to breed. These germs can spread through the animal's oesophageal tract, to affect the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

Below are some of the common dental diseases preventable by brushing your dog's teeth;
  • Periodontal disease is a painful infection between the tooth and the gum that can result in tooth loss and spread infection to the rest of the body. Signs are loose teeth, bad breath, tooth pain, sneezing and nasal discharge.
  • Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused mainly by accumulation of plaque, tartar and disease-producing bacteria above and below the gum line. Signs include bleeding, red, swollen gums and bad breath. It is reversible with regular teeth cleanings.
  • Halitosis—or bad breath—can be the first sign of a mouth problem and is caused by bacteria growing from food particles caught between the teeth or by gum infection. Regular tooth-brushings are a great solution.
  • Swollen gums develop when tartar builds up and food gets stuck between the teeth. Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth at home and getting annual cleanings at the vet can prevent tartar and gingivitis.
  • Proliferating gum disease occurs when the gum grows over the teeth and must be treated to avoid gum infection. An inherited condition common to boxers and bull terriers, it can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Mouth tumors appear as lumps in the gums. Some are malignant and must be surgically removed.
  • Salivary cysts look like large, fluid-filled blisters under the tongue, but can also develop near the corners of the jaw. They require drainage, and the damaged saliva gland must be removed.
  • Canine distemper teeth can occur if a dog had distemper as a puppy. Adult teeth can appear looking eroded and can often decay. As damage is permanent, decayed teeth should be removed by a vet.

If regular teethbrushing is not done at home, chew toys and dental treats are recommended to help remove soft tartar and build strong teeth.

Teeth brushing is only $5/session. So what are you waiting for? It's time to freshen your lovely pets' breath for that goodnight kiss~ <3

Team Sopra

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May Promotion (2/4): Blackwood

2.) Blackwood

For those who don't feed raw meat meals to your dog, SOPRA GINZA is also running a dry dog food promotion this month.

Benefits Of Dry Dog Food

  • Easy to store and measure out
  • Less spoilage
  • Possible dental benefits
  • Helps ensure firm stools
  • Lower cost per serving
  • Higher nutrient density

Grains are regularly used to bind pellets and improve texture of kibbles, however, some dogs are allergic to grain products.

Blackwood All Natural Holistic Dog Food range is free of the 3 major skin allergy triggers;
corn, wheat, and soy.

SOPRA GINZA carries the 5lb/2.2kg packs of Salmon Meal & Potato and Salmon Meal & Rice recipes.

Salmon Meal & Potato recipe is grain-free, while Salmon Meal & Rice recipe is suitable for sensitive skin and stomachs. Both recipes are suitable for puppies to adult dogs.

Feeding instructions are written on the pack, along with nutritional information and ingredient list.

Purchase 3 packs for the price of 2, or individual packs at 20% off.

Team Sopra

Sunday, 5 May 2013

May Promotion (1/4): Dry-Raw food Combo

20% off all combo sets!

Raw meat contains enzymes lost in cooked kibbles.
These enzymes help in digestion and general well-being of pooches.

For those who find raw frozen foods expensive for your pet, it is recommended to mix a diet of dry and raw food. The 2 common ways are;

1.) mixing a dry-raw meal based on your dog's preference.

2.) alternating between a dry meal and raw meal daily.
eg. Morning (dry), Night (raw)

This month, when you purchase any dry food with a pack of K9 Frozen Raw Food,
we will give you a 20% discount!

Team Sopra