Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May Promotion (2/4): Blackwood

2.) Blackwood

For those who don't feed raw meat meals to your dog, SOPRA GINZA is also running a dry dog food promotion this month.

Benefits Of Dry Dog Food

  • Easy to store and measure out
  • Less spoilage
  • Possible dental benefits
  • Helps ensure firm stools
  • Lower cost per serving
  • Higher nutrient density

Grains are regularly used to bind pellets and improve texture of kibbles, however, some dogs are allergic to grain products.

Blackwood All Natural Holistic Dog Food range is free of the 3 major skin allergy triggers;
corn, wheat, and soy.

SOPRA GINZA carries the 5lb/2.2kg packs of Salmon Meal & Potato and Salmon Meal & Rice recipes.

Salmon Meal & Potato recipe is grain-free, while Salmon Meal & Rice recipe is suitable for sensitive skin and stomachs. Both recipes are suitable for puppies to adult dogs.

Feeding instructions are written on the pack, along with nutritional information and ingredient list.

Purchase 3 packs for the price of 2, or individual packs at 20% off.

Team Sopra

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